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This story was created in a school based scribing session. The senior class joined the younger to act as scribes with the whole of the two classes involved.

The monster has green spots, gold stripes and a silver page. He is a very skinny monster. You can see his ribs. He has lots of hair. The hair is pink and blue. He likes to eat rubbish and put his hand down his throat and take it all back again. His name is Bones.
Bones lives in Monster-land with his friends, Squishy and Slimy. They are his special friends. Squishy looks like a pink jelly. He can turn into other pink things. His favourite food is strawberry jelly. Slimy is green with yellow spots.
Bones went to the monster carnival with Squishy and Slimy. He wanted to go on the rubbish tip ride. Bones was eleven years old and was old enough to go on the ride. It was very fast. All the rubbish fell out and so did Bones. Bones broke his arm.

By Carl (age 4)
Scribed by Orlaith (age 10)