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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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All Because of a Toothbrush
A collaborative novel
This unique novel was created with the help of every fifth class child in County Longford. In each library based story brainstorming sessions, each group created plot lines and characters which were then developed into continuous narrative by seven schools.
The project was commissioned and supported by Longford Library and Arts Services with myself, Chris as project designer and facilitator. There were six chapters. In each area of the county, one school was chosen to create a chapter of the book. (In one area two small classes joined together.) Over four weeks, I met with each group for two hours. In week one the outline of their chapter was created, selecting plotlines and characters created by the broader groups. Each child wrote a draft of a small part of their chapter. From then on, the novel was created orally.

    • We discussed and role-played each section
    • We discussed imagery, ideas for description and so on.
    • Sections were then dictated directly into my trusty mini-disc machine.
    • I could then type up continuous narrative from the transcripts
    • The class listened to the draft and we editted and revised together
    • Editing was completed by myself and Mary Carlton Reynolds, Longford County Librarian
    • Illustrations were created at special workshops
    • The book was formatted by myself and library staff and published by Heartlands PressI. IBSN number 0-9541424-2-X.
      It is well worth a read for adults and children alike.
St Brendan's Treasures A "whole school" novel.
This is a really exciting book and deseves to be more widely read. I created it, in similar way to how "All Because of a Tootbrush" was written, with a school in Artane, Dublin, to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. I was delighted with the way the book turned out. As we approach the millenium celebrations of the battle of Clontarf in 2014, I think this book will be something special. But there is more to it than just the battle.
St Brendan's treasures is a fantasy novel but it has Artane and its local history at its heart.
It is also very funny.

Ch1 - Hidden messages. -- Ch 2 - Treasure -- Ch. 3 - Trouble from the past -- Ch 4 - Once there was a battle-- Ch 5 - Changes -- Ch 6 - The treasure goes home.

The Great Water St. Mystery
This new novel, was devised with two schools in County Longfors, 5th and 6th classes in St Joseph and 5th and 6th classes in St Michaels as part of the "Explorers" Project.
Stage one was a local history project. Stage 2, was centred around a family literacy project, organised by the home liaison teacher, Niall Gannon and Lonbgford library. The book "The Iceman", about the explorer, Thomas Crean was enjoyed as a family read. A wide variety of support and enhancement activities were enjoyed by all.

Write Stuff Stories
earlier in 2012, I got together with artist Gordon Farrell to share a great writing project with six schools in County Longford. Our brief was to create a brand new story based in the locality of the school and creating characters who were made up but could have been members from the class. The plot was developed randomly by selecting items unseen from my "Magic Book" random story generator, For example, one class chose a strange bean shaped scene and a piece of lava rock. Unlikely ideas to put into a story maybe, but take a look at how Granard's 5th class used these random "plot objects.
While we created the story, Gordon drew pictures to illustrate the emerging ideas. By the end of each morning session, the story concluded on a cliff hanger. I typed up the collaborative part of the story, making use of rwcordings and the class teachers' highly helpful notes.
During the afternoon everyone created their own individual ending.
All the finished stories are given below for you to download. they have the artist's illustrations and all the individual endings.
It was a great project. Do read the stories.

Download "Painting Longford by St Joseph's 5th class
Download "Gran's Treasure" by St Joseph's 6th class
Download "The Star Egg" by St Michael's 5th class
Download "A Volcano in Granard" by 5th class
Download "A Snake in School" by Granard 6th class