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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Poetry by the Shannon

3rd class poetry

4th class poetry

5th class poetry

6th class poetry

Poetry from 6th class

1. River Story

Starting with a story and photos
Just like 5th class, 6th class also role-played the story of Sinann and the magical well, and the salmon of wisdom guarded by its arrogant, selfish, bossy, proud guardians. Her dancing with the waters became the Shannon, bringing life to the land.
The girls explored the concept of personification and discussed ways that we could use the idea of personification to tell the story of our own river Shannon.
Together we examined photos of the Shannon in all her moods. We also explored photos of the Shannon from the source at the Shannon Pot to further along towards the river mouth.
. Performance Poetry
· The girls divided their poem into three sections
· Three lines about the newborn, baby river
· Three lines about the full grown river
· Three lines about the old river

We brainstormed each line in turn and once we were happy with the line, gave the linre to one of the class who became its “guardian”.
Once we had all nine lines we discussed how each line should be performed.

2. What the River Said

Starting with Serendipity
When the facilitator met with sixth class for this second session, they were enjoying an exploration of idiom with their teacher. This seemed too good a chance to miss so the theme was continued.
Idioms are fascinating. Often we continue to use images in our everyday speech long after we have forgotten where they came from. For example, you might say that something was just “a flash in the pan” but would you realise that you were referring to an old type of gun, a flintlock musket, and that the saying was first used in 1687.
Collaborative Poetry
We managed to find lots of idioms that referred to water and rivers and decide to create some short Idiom pieces that might be spoken by the river.
Some of the pieces were in dialogue, like little playlets so we decided to record them
3: River Care

Starting with pictures
The facilitator showed the class some pictures of the river. The one with the duck caused a lot of discussion.
Collaborative poetry
Personification was a useful tool once again..
Download the worksheet for these poetry ideas.