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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Poetry by the Shannon

3rd class poetry

4th class poetry

5th class poetry

6th class poetry

Poetry from 4th class

1. River Moods
Starting with pictures .... and a story
We began by exploring the story of the Shannon in all weathers using photos and pictures as well as our own shared experience of the river. “Do you remember when the river decided to go for a wander through the town?”
We role-played the story of Sinann who dared to go near to the magical well, surrounded by its nine hazel trees, kept secret by its arrogant, selfish, bossy, proud guardians. When she danced, the water rose up in joy and together they became the Shannon, bringing life to the land.

Collaborative Poetry
The class collected a series of alliterative words beginning with a single letter. The letters were chosen to represent water in its many moods. “S” gave us a shining, shimmering summer mood. “R” offered a rough racing rocky atmosphere and so on.
Once we had created several wavy lines of river mood words we added random elements, presented a coloured fish. The fish could be “watery” verbs, adjectives or adverbs. Once placed the poem was subtly altered. Moving these fish could change the poem.

2 River Rap
Starting with an idea
Last week we were exploring Sinann's dance through atmospheric words, alliteration and assonance. In the second session week the mood was strictly rhythm.
We experimented with .a simple rain rhythm poem made to be performed.
Each table in the class were given a separate word pattern to repeat that, when spoken together, built up to blend into a more complex pattern

. Performance Poetry
The children created a “river rap” based on a given pattern of rhythm and rhyme. The rap was written down on water drop shapes. However it was really meant to be performed so during the week the girls made their own shakers to enhance their performance. The rap was filmed. The class also tried out their own group versions of the poem
3 River Ribbon
Starting with a poem.
The children explored the two thin poems on the right. They noticed that:
· They lines did not have to rhyme in a regular manner. The changing rhyme patterns were a bit like ripples in water
· The poem with one word in each line moved quickly and rapidly whereas the second poem, with two or more words, felt lazy and calm
· The first poem reminded us of a bubbling stream while the second felt more like a still pool in the river.

Download the worksheet for these poetry ideas.