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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Poetry by the Shannon

3rd class poetry

4th class poetry

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6th class poetry

Poetry from 3rd class

1. Let's Make a River

Starting with a story An Indigenous Australian story
When Tikilik the frog got jealous and decided to drink all the water in the world, the animals had to find a way to make a frog giggle when they wanted to get it flowing again. Maybe if you listen carefully you may still hear the water laughing.

Collaborative poetry
The class created a poem called “The Water is Mine”. Each bubble in the underwater scene allowed the frog to describe water using onomatopoeia, alliteration and simile.

"The water is mine when it ...
Ripples and runs like a rapid boat
Flows and floats like a finny fish
Drips and drops like a bubbly bath
But I might choose to share it with you."
"My world changes colour
Blue, green and sometimes grey.
Myworld is full of forests
of shing green
My world is full of friends
Star shaped and tentacled
Why is your world so strange?"
2 My Underwater World
Starting with a poem
We imagined looking up through water. What would the sun look like? How would trees and flowers look to a fish? It might be a bit like us thinking about outer space.

Outer space must be like this, I think
I'm like a feather as I sink.
Is it so quiet in outer space?
Silence surrounds me in this place.
And when I give a gentle push
I float up with a floating whoosh.

Collaborative Poetry
The children took the roles of fish in their underwater world, imagining what the strange and distantly glimpsed world above, might be like. They found ways of describing their own watery world.
Following this, we created a poem using bright coloured paper fish with their own speech bubbles.

More things to Try
The children created “fish headdresses” to wear to allow them to role-play the fish describing their worlds in these performance poems. A worksheet to allow individuals or small groups to try the ideas out for themselves is available. A selection of the children's performances were filmed.

Describe a River

The Inspiration
The children got to role-play the old story of the creation of our River Shannon, (Facilitator's version). This is the story of Sinann who danced with the magic pool where the salmon of knowledge swam, setting it free and creating the river with her dance. This can be contrasted to the story of Tikilik who attempted to keep the water contained and hidden rather than allowing it to flow and grow.

Collaborative poetry
The children created an acrostic poem, collecting a selection of words and phrases beginning with the letters of Sinann's name. We put these words together to create a dance for Sinann. We found that, in this poem, the lines did not even have to be the same length to be effective. When the poem was finished we filmed the performance.

More things to try.
A choice of two worksheets for groups or individuals can be downloaded
Download the worksheet for these poetry ideas.