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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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What Chris can Offer
Chris is part of the Poetry Ireland, Writers in Schools Scheme.

Project Design
Chris is happy to design and deliver a wide variety of projects including Intergenerational, Local Studies and Cultural Diversity Projects. See the wide range of examples in the list on your left.

Creative Writing
For Children:
Chris is available to give creative writing days, (or longer projects) for schools with sessions for all age groups including infants and classes with specific needs. These days may include sessions in story making, poetry making, functional writing and so on. Collaborative group work and attractive visual presentation are always a focus. All sessions are intended to be inclusive, entertaining and productive and are completely in line with the primary curriculum.
I can work with all classes in a school over one day but I am also able to visit several schools staying in an area for several days. This is also an excellent way of implementing Scribing in a cluster of schools.
For Adults:
One off or short courses for adults are a speciality.

Implementing Scribing
Chris is happy to assist schools to make use of the Scribing approach to creative writing. A three day, one day a week programme is ideal as this allows for the establishment of the technique in the school. A typical three day implementation programme might be as follows:
  • Day 1: One (or two in larger schools) story telling sessions with the youngest children, junior or senior infants to prepare them to Scribe.Chris will introduce the chosen story and then scribe group stories. In the afternoon Chris will introduce Peer Scribing with the senior classes.
  • Day 2: There is opportunity for older children to Scribe for the younger ones as well as undertaking more creative writing at their own level.
  • Day 3. As well as continuing the programme, there is opportunity for parents to join in.
Other options are quite possible.

Story Telling Chris can offer story telling shows and workshop sessions for all age groups, including older children, that are highly inter-active. Lively involvement is guaranteed with Sparky, the genie or, for the younger ones, Bunnyhop, the Rabbit in the hat along with many other entertaining "characters".. There is also the Magic Story Book which produces brand new stories every time it is opened.

Hands-on History and Heritage
Chris has a wide range of workshops and show to offer. She specialies in costumed story shows, for festivals and libraies or as part of school SESE projects. She is part of a group SEANCHAS, who can provide highly entertaining costumed hands-on history shows which are closely linked to the Primary curriculum but which are equally appropriate for older students.
Chris has a keen interest and knowledge of mythology, particularly the old Irish stories and can offer shows and craft and / or drama workshops on local mythological themes. She can equally provide such shows / workshops on an environmental theme. Reminiscence Sessions
Chris is happy to organise reminiscence sessions in a variety of settings.

Art, Craft and Story Making
Mask making, the Superhero graphic novel workshop and many more. There are workshop sessions that blend art, story making and drama, a speciality for the school, summer camp, library or festival. Chris has a long experience with all ages and size of groups.

Chris is happy to help witha drama programme for the primary school in line with the curriculum. Longer courses (distance permitting) or one off demonstation sessions are a possibility. She is also happy to work with schools or community groups in playmaking.
Chris has wide experience with all age groups including adults.

Story telling and Magic Shows
Chris offers a selection of entertaing shows for schools, libraries and festivals.

Personal development sessions
Personal confidence building / public speaking / training in role-play etc. are also available