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Resources for Scribing

A large number of Downloadable resources are available on the Describe CD ROM available from Longford Libary 04333 41124.
Below are a new selection of downloadable resources for Scribing. All have been tried and tested with a wide age range, 5 to 12+. They can be used both for One-to-one and Peer-group Scribing.
Each "Story Inspiration" has an introduction to help the facilitator to begin the Scribing session. Many have simple extension activities.

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1. The Three wishes: A very special story (given in full) A good programme to start with.

2. Frog Fun: an ideal starter for Scribes working with Infant Authors.

3. Dragons: Meeting a dragon would be an adventure.

4. Go Grow! A garden may not be what it seems.

5. Hide and Seek: "One, two, miss a few" .... a playful theme.

6. The Troll Under the Bridge. Even a troll may have a point of view.

7. The Magic Umbrella. Where would you fly to?

8. Don't look behind the Sofa! Fun with a BOO factor - very popular!

9. The Flying Carpet. A Christmas theme, but easily adaptable.

10. Design a Playground. Lots of cross curricular possibilities here.

11. Wild Wind! An imaginative theme offering opportunities for descriptive writing.

12. The Snowman: Snowman stories are always popular

13. Magic Book: Lots of follow up possibilities

14. Tick tock Time! Clocks make great stories. Follow up ideas as well.

15, The Clown who lost his Smile: A circus story with drama potential

16. Prize! Winning a prize is fun but what might you win it for?

17. Ant Adventure: A journey across a garden would be an adventure for an ant.

18. Pebbles can have Adventures Too! Fun with personification, a great favourite.

19. Robots: Robots are always popular, especially with boys.

20. Hubble Bubble: If you like magic potions, you will love this.

21. Presents: This story inspiration encourages letter writing.