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"Three Wishes" is a great Story Inspiration to start with!

"Frog Fun" is an example of a nursery tale used for scribing. You could use any nursery or fairy tale that is familiar to the children. Just let them put themselves into the story.

For example any child who has heard "The Three Pigs" would love to tell the story of how they beat the Big Bad Wolf!.

A full set of downloadable photo resources are can be found on the Scribing CD ROM

Resources for Scribing

A large number of Downloadable resources are available on the Describe CD ROM.
Below are a new selection of downloadable resources for Scribing. All have been tried and tested with very young children, in schools, play groups and in a parents and toddlers library Scribing group where the youngest author had only recently turned 3 years. T.

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1. The Three wishes: A very special story (given in full) Ideal for scribing with 4 - 5 year olds.

2. Frog Fun: an ideal starter, based on a well known story, for Scribes working with any young author.

3. Mr Bear: Mtr Bear is a big bumbling bear who likes to make friends. Children as young as three will enjoy this programme.

4. Zumo A story about a bunny who ate the sky. Will appeal to children as young as 3 years.

5. Dinosaur Party: Even the youngest child enjoys dinosaurs, especially when they are having a party.

6. Up and Away. What if you woke up with wings, just for a day? This programme starts with a funny poem that everyone will enjoy..

7. Caterpillar Crunch. This programme, loosely based on the ever popular "Very Hungry Caterpillar", will engage 3 - 5 year olds.

8. Wotwot do you think? This Scribing programme for the 3 - 5 age range demonstrates how to create Scribing programmesased on popular TV and book characters.

9. Monster fun. These friendly little monsters are loved by even the youngest child.

10. Snowman This is a very simple programme with lots to do and talk about..

11. Dinosaurs In My Pocket Everyone loves pets but what about a little dinosaur that came out of an egg. Trey starting this programme by reading "Meg's Eggs (Meg and Mog)