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Scribing for Poetry Making

I have given poetry making workshops for schools and libraries for around twelve or more years. I have also run extended children's writer's groups that have written poetry. Writing poetryis fun. I call it making pictures with words. That was, in fact, the title of an anthology published in Leitrim, a few years ago based on the schools workshops and poetry exhibitions. I have always focused on interesting visual presentation and a collaborative approach.
As Scribing has been developed, it is clear that it is equally useful for poetry. Using a scribe encourages descriptive writing and imaginative vocabulary so it works equally well in encouraging poetic structure and imagery.
The following "Poetry Inspirations" will get you started. They are all suitable for the Junior School. More will be available at a later date.
View in browser or download zipped file.

"The Ancient Oak" If you could talk to an ancient tree, what stories it could tell.

"If I Were"... and "A Collusion of Collectives" Two simple and effective list poems to share with a Scribe.

"Countdown" A poem (and a story) that really out of this world! Fun with syllables as well.