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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Plays for Children

Over the years I have created many plays with all age groups, from five year olds to adults. Years ago I was actively involved with a well known London Theatre Club, gaining much experience and training. I was also a founding member of a Theatre in Education Group in London being. Later, in Ireland I co-founded Hit and Myth, a performance Arts Group that used Celtic Myth and Legend as a source for shows. I still regularly offer a wide variety of shows for all age groups.
However, I find devising and creating work with groups the most exciting. One example of such a project was the creation of a play called "Strength in Everyone"This was unusual as the cast and facilitators, devised, produced and acted together. A similar approach was taken with the intergenerational play, "Time Tales"

Each year I script plays with children scripting of new and original plays with children for the Backstage Theatre, Longford, sponsored by the Aishling festival. So far, there have been five plays, "The Ten O'Clock Clock". "The House with Coloured Windows" and "The Shop of Dreams", " Books for Life", "The Story Stealer". I am just about to start work on the sixth.

Each play gives aproximatel fifty 9/10 year old children, from two separate schools, an experience of writing, acting and costume and set design. (The production is shared with another experienced facilitator who stages the play in The Backstage Theatre.)

I spend two hours, twice a week, with each group. (4 weeks scripting and rehearsing). Through story making, role play and games a story emerges As with the Collaborative novels, "All Because of a Toothbrush", or "St Brendan's Treasures". the children work orally, recording script onto the mini-disc (or nowdays remembering). I am able to write the script directly from their spoken words.

Advantages of scripting orally
  • All dialogue is in the children's own words
  • It remains fresh
  • The process is creatively enjoyable
  • By the end of the three weeks, casting is very clear and many of the future cast already know much of the script
  • There is time to record "soundscape" poetry to use as part of the finished soundtrack
  • When the play, and the cast move to the next facilitator the children have ownership of the production.

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