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This Aurhor and scribe began this story in school. The pair went on to craft the story together at home, both realising the story potential in a robot from Transylvania. I like the twist in the last line.

There was once an inventor whose name was Arthur Einstein. He was a very good scientist but he never thought about anything but science. His lab was really messy. He was one of these scientists who keep trying to build robots.
Suddenly one morning, at the crack of dawn, there was a knock at the door. It was the postman who brought a huge parcel all the way from Transylvania. It was one metre wide and it was 70 cm long. It was wrapped in brown paper.
Inside, there were some flashy electronics, and little micro-chips. There was also a big sheet of paper. He guessed that this paper contained instructions. He looked carefully at the instructions. At first he thought it was all gobbledegook but then he realised he was holding the sheet upside down. Once he had the instructions the right way round he could understand perfectly. He set to work to build the robot.
It was the robot he had ordered from a company in Transylvania. It was a woman robot. This robot wife was what he had been waiting for. He taught her how to do the shopping and the housework as well as all the chores around the house.
One day it all went wrong. His robot wife was dusting in the lab when she knocked over a new chemical, chemical X. The robot started to malfunction. Then she changed. Her teeth grew long and sharp. She was turning into a vampire.
Arthur was just coming into the lab to get on with some inventing when he saw what had happened. The vampire robot began to lurch towards him. “I want to suck your blood” she said in a metallic voice.
Arthur had to react quickly. There was no time to spare. He grabbed the nearest bottle he could find and just threw it as hard as he could at the vampire robot. She began to malfunction again, flashing and dribbling. Then she blew up.
Arthur was surprised but very relieved. He wondered what potion had been in the bottle that he had thrown at the vampire. He found the broken bottle and examined the label.
It was laundry detergent!

Author: Orla (age 10)
Scribe Kieran (age 10)