The book of the project can be seen at Longford library.

Throughout May 09, children and their teachers from the Senior Rooms in Lanesborough National School and Fermoyle National School met with some of the older members of the Lanesborough community, their very own Local Heroes. The project was organised in three parts;
Sharing Stories Together
Everyone has a story to tell. Our local heroes had great tales about Lanesborough or the things they did when they were at school. The children had plenty of stories to tell as well. Sometimes the children were the scribes sometimes our local heroes scribed for the children.
Researching Together
The children and the local Heroes decided to research topics that interested them. They searched through old newspapers and looked up information in books or on the internet but the children found out that their Local Heroes were the best source of exciting information.
Creating Something New Together
Our Local Heroes showed the children how to do really difficult things like darning socks, but the children and their Local Heroes also got to create new poetry together. They created new poems about the Townlands of Lanesborough.
Thanks to our talented and knowledgeable group of Local Heroes: Anne Greene, Vera O'Sullivan, John Casey, Brid McDermott, Mary McGushin, Renee Walsh, Thanks also for the enthusiasm and lively involvement of the senior classes from Lanesborough N.S. and Fermoyle N.S.
And their teachers Cora Nevin, and Denis Connerton

You can download a few pages from the book for each chapter.