Chris Thompson's innovative approach to Creative EducationFind out about the exciting Scribing Technique. Downloadable Resources providedInteractive approaches to Story telling and downloadable resourcesIdeas for drama in the classroom with all age groupsStory telling and Magic shows for all agesDemonstration sessions, workshops for teachers, and more

What can Chris Offer?

An on-going creative writing programme
intergenerational projects
Supporting the SESE curriculum
Supporting the SESE curriculum
a cultural diversity project
A collaborative novel
Plays For the Backstage
Word Pictures
A Scribing Project
Children's writing
Creative Writing Galleries
Using role-play to inspire creative writing
  • Creative Talk
    Using Role-play and drama to support writing in the classroom.
    Three, twenty minute, demonstration films with Chris Thompson
    1. Story making with the "Magic book"
    2. Poetry making, including performance poetry
    3. Imaginative functional writing
    Putting more of the "Creative" into creative writing.

  • Three Short Childrens Stories Story telling is a great way to engage children’s interests and creatively encourage active imagination. Two of these stories start with extra visual stimulus in the form of very special puppets but these engaging and amusing characters are not allowed to take over the story telling experience. All the stories offer plenty of ideas to share after the story is told.
Downloadable resources for Scribing.