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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Two Local Studies Projects

My Place 09: Finding new Research Themes

Colehill's theme was "The View From My Window". They researched the history, geography and features of their own townlands. This was research that could not be undertaken on the internet. In this research the children, their families and their neighbours are the experts, The Local Studies room is delighted to add all these stories, field names and the other information to their collection.

One approach to research is the "try it out for yourself" activity. If the children have been intrigued by local stories and artefacts, fascinated by local stories, engaged by old maps and pictures, then a "hands on" activity will make the new information and stories real and alive.
The St Joseph's class went shopping: The girls made pre-decimal coins and prop ration books to get a “feel” for shopping in the 1940's They used pictures of clothes from the intenet to help them to choose what they wanted and adverts from local newspapers to help them judge the prices.

Melview made decorations copied the descriptions given by the stories in "Candles In The Window".
Most of the children had not tried "fluting" stretching the crepe paper tbefore.

This dress might have been worn for a party in the 1940's

One class tried out making handcream. They chose strong smelling herbs to mix into the cream.
One group were given animal fat to use. It made a waterproof cream but it wasn't very pleasant.

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