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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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My Place 09, a Local Studies Project

Artwork arising from a research theme
The research topics provided plenty of opportunities for a personal response through art and illustration as well as creative writing. These responses included were personal townland crests, Time machine windows and future fashion design. There were plenty of attrctive and creative ideas.

Role-play and Drama

Time Machines: Two of the schools loved the idea that what we were doing during the project was rather like building a time machine that would open a window on the past. We can't step through but we can peep through the window. It would have been interesting to have built “junk box” time machines but we did use one “prop time machine” in our role-play.

Shopping: The girls made pre-decimal coins and prop ration books to get a “feel” for shopping in the 1940's They used pictures of clothes from the intenet to help them to choose what they wanted and adverts from local newspapers to help them judge the prices.

Role play future: The children role-played being grandparent and grandchild in Christmas 2079. This gave them oppotunites to compare Christmas i now with their speculations about Christmas in the future.

The River Inny Role-play: The river runs close to the Tashinny school and was an important landmark when exploring the old maps. The children explored the legend of the creation of the river where Medbh drowns her sister Eithne, thus giving the river its name. The children role-played the tale, coming up with reasons why Medbh might push her sister. Some of the scenes were very amusing. The class then discussed the importance of the fast running river for fishermen and kayakers and so on and these two topics were used to structure their stories and poetry

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