Mohill Young Writers' Group, Week 6

This week was half term and I knew that most of the group would be absent. However, some wanted to continue and five girls were present to explore a little spooky writing. We started by creating Halloween Cinquains.
A cinquain is an eleven word poem with a specific structure. It is composed of five unrhymed lines.
We followed by writing directions to a Halloween party in two groups of three. The directions might lead us to a spooky or unexpected mystery, or again it could be quite innocent. At Hallowe'en, nothing is as it seems.

You are invited to a party at my mansion, Pumpkin Hall on Hallowe'en night. Pleas come dressed to kill.
Leave the main road at the village of Ballyghoul. People say that the village is hauntingly beautiful and find it very hard to leave.
The Hallowe'en costume factory in the village will be working overtime but most of the people you will meet will be in costume.
Turn right past Creak Castle. You won't have a ghost of a chance to leave without taking a peek. You would be cut up if you missed it.
Follow the road to Sweat Swamp. It is very bubbly. Ignore the noises.
Now, turn left for Pumpkin Hall. If you go too far you will reach Wraith Wood, and we wouldn't wish to loose you. If you do go on to Witch Lake, you will find that it is a very peaceful lake. People stay there forever.
So, don't miss the turning. We welcome you to Pumpkin Hall for a Hallowe'en bash you will never forget.

By Tracy and Tara

We invite you to a Hallowe'en party at Kingskull hall. Please be dead on time.
Turn off the main road at Spookston Village and take a ripper of a left turn. Slime swamp will be dead ahead.
Next you will see Hollow hill Castle, a sight to definitely put you in a trance.
Head off and take a short cut to the back of Kingskull or you could take a detour around Mazy Lake but don't get too lost.
If you do, just turn left over Sanderson Sisters Hills but don't stop for any hocus pocus. It's tempting.
Now keep going through Madwolf forest and continue to Willow Wood. Watch out for stormy winds. It can be so bad here that people call it Wind in the Willows Wood.
Take a left, and you will find yourself at Kingskull. We are very much looking forward to having you for dinner.

By Aoife, Siobhan and Maeve

Halloween Cinquains

Zoomy, broomy
Screeching, screaming, stirring,
Mixing disgusting tricky treats.

By Aoife

Screaming, plotting taunting,
Doing fantastic frightening things.

By Maeve

orange, hollow.
glowing,grinning, glittering,
What's the big joke?

By Tara

hoping, hunting,biting,
Prefers swwets to blood.

By Tracy

Scary, furry,
Flapping, snapping, hopping,
Won't sleep up-side-down tonight.

By Siobhan

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