Mohill Young Writers' Group, Week 1 and 2

This activity used my especially designed "inspirations" picture book as a resource.
Either individuals, or groups of two or three, chose a location picture from the book and wrote a description of it as if it had come from a holiday brochure or advertisement.
They were encouraged to exaggerate as much as possible and to use colourful adjectives in their description.

In week 2, the written pieces, now typed up, were swapped and a letter of complaint was written as if the writer had taken up the holiday. The writers were encouraged to refute each claim made in the original piece.
The paired pieces were then read aloud with emphasis on the mood behind the piece.

The Uncharted Islands

Want to get rich?
Well you could. Our islands have many casinos where you could win €1,000,000. Not only that, but our islands are so.o.o.o private that your captain or pilot might get lost. You could rent a jet and go parachuting or go jet skiing. If you don't like the gorgeous hot weather, why not go skiing on our indoor mountains. It may look like it is in the middle of nowhere but it has tons of shops and cafés. If you get sick of your six-course meal, in our five star restaurants, you can always eat in the tavern. The hotel also has steam baths, saunas and a swimming pool.
So don't be a sucker. You could win this holiday by calling 1800-528 and WIN, WIN, WIN.

Give us your credit card number and be LUCKY. You could soon be clubbing, dancing and soaking up the sun.
Calls cost €2 per minute: duration of call, 5 minutes.

Advertisement by Kim Matthews

Dear Sir / Madam
You advert is a scam. I won a prize to your uncharted island and was disgusted to find that it cost me far more than I won. The prize money I was given was not accepted. It was fake.
We were supposed to get some privacy. I couldn't move for the crowds. There was an indoor mountain but it was just a big lump of mud about four feet high.
I was not impressed with the hotel. The bath was made of cardboard that you could not fill because it just absorbed the water and then leaked it all over the floor.
When I gave you my credit card number to enter the competition, I did not mean you to empty my bank account. Please put this right.
Yours faithfully
Deirdre Reynolds

The Secret Waterfall

Why don't you come and visit our secret waterfall. This waterfall is so secret you can hardly find it unless I decide to tell you. It is in Brazil, in the middle of the country.
If you look carefully into the secret pool, you will see all of the marvellous tropical fish. If you look really closely, you might even see astonishing bugs, all rainbow colours.
The area is full of animals. You may see birds, monkeys, and even wild donkeys. This is a fun holiday for couples and an ideal family wild life holiday.

Report by Nesha

Dear Nesha
I was not impressed with your secret and so-called mystical waterfall.
It was too crowded, so crowded that I couldn't move. The waterfall, itself, was full of dirt. The trees around were rotting and the grass was so soggy and muddy that it was a disaster.
The place was a mess, overflowing with litter, and you charge for everything. Even going to the bathroom was expensive.
Did you ever hear of cleaning up after your customers?
Yours faithfully
Molly Gilroy


Enttown in Norway, is a village composed of Norway spruce and a variety of other needle-leaf and evergreen trees. Cells are built into the trees and several designs of door are on offer.
You can have a holiday here, or purchase your own personal tree for €170,000. Inside each is an earthen ceiling, sink and sleeping bag.
Some trees come with their own “Entroes”, spiritual tree dwellers who meditate within. You may book a course with the Grand Flujah, the head Entroe himself, for €500.
Model Ent-Trees are available for sale at our well-stocked shop. So why not come to Enttown?

Report by Rachid and Alan.

Dear Sir
I hope that you have now received my letter of complaint about my visit to Enttown.
I went there hoping to have fun and to learn. However I was very disappointed. When I got to the shelter, I discovered that the sleeping bag provided was full of termites. The sink dripped sewage instead of water and during the night the meditating Entoe fell from the roof, right on top of where I was trying to sleep.
The food tasted of rotten eggs and was uneatable.
My holiday was a disaster. What do you intend to do about the place?
Yours faithfully

The incredible, unexpected dancer seals

Here in Caruta Cazula you will find the classic acrobatic seals. They perform Irish dancing and line tanking. But there is more. While they dance, they play with footballs hand, or rather flipper-made by themselves.
As they dance, you will often see them in costumes of pink quilting.
Meet their different friends, like the friendly killer shark and killer whale.
If you like the sound of all this you won't regret making the journey.

Report by Fiona, Aoife and Rebecca

Dear Fiona, Rebecca and Aoife
The description of your so-called holiday to visit the dancing seals is very misleading.
The holiday was supposed to be incredible and the seals were supposed to be unexpected. What we found was very unexpected.
When we went to see the seals they did a dance all right. It should have been called the 'run after us and chase us off the beach' dance.
Another thing, who ever heard of a friendly killer shark. I am just out of hospital recovering from the one that I met. There were no whales at all.
We were disgusted.
Yours faithfully
Amy, Tracy and Keeley

Holiday of the Rings

Visit beautiful New Zealand, where sun is shining every single day of the year. Go to see the Lord of the Rings set and all the actors will perform every move from the films for you personally. You can even stay with them for two days.
Go for a trip on an Orc's back where little birds will bring you delicious food.
The hotel is beautiful. All the bars are free. Just ring a bell for instant service.
So come alone to New Zealand and have a great time.

Report by Deirdre Reynolds

Co. Leitrim

Dear Deirdre
I went on your 'Holiday of the Rings' and was disgusted to find that, in spite of your promises, it poured with rain all the time. I know you cannot control the weather but this is not all.
I went to see the set and characters of Lord of the Rings but all I saw was an old plank of wood and a couple of cardboard cutouts.
You can go for a ride on an orc's back but all you find is a man in a flea-infested poncho. If birds bring you anything it is likely to be live worms.
The hotel is a dump. It is all damp with rotting wood. The room I was staying in was disgusting. The bed was covered in cigarette burns and I couldn't use the bathroom, it was so horrible.
The bars were free but that was only because you were handed your bar bill when you left. Service is so bad that I once had to wait five hours for hot food.
I had a horrible time.
Yours faithfully
PS. I would have used stronger language, but why waste time?

The Exciting Jungle

Why don't you come and visit Molly's jungle. You will see monkeys climbing and jumping from tree to tree. You will see insects of all different kinds. You will have lots of fun and you can pretend to be a monkey by climbing the trees and you can also have a picnic or go on a nature walk. There is a maze as well.
You can learn all about birds just by watching them fly among the trees.
So come to Molly's exciting jungle for a lot of fun.

Report by Molly

Dear Molly
I visited, what you describe as, 'an exciting jungle' and it was not very pleasant. There were no jungle animals to be seen. Oh yes, there was one but it was a toy monkey stuck to a tree. The leaves on all the trees were fake and not at all real looking.
While I was there, I entered one of your jungle competitions and gave you my credit card number. Now my account is drained.
What is going on? I want my money back.
Yours faithfully
Nesha Dixon

Come to the sunny hills of Donegal where the place is so calm and peaceful. The animals are so gentle and kind. The hotels are very comfortable and peaceful. The name of the best hotel is The Metropole. There is lots of country music and good room service. There is a swimming pool, sauna and a Jacuzzi. The rooms are fantastic. The people are very friendly here in Donegal.

Report by Tracy and Keely

Dear Fiona I feel that your advertisement was irresponsible and faulty. I went on your tour of Donegal. You said that all the animals we would meet were gentle but some strange huge black hairy dog thing bit me. The bite was poisonous and I was lucky to survive.
You recommended the best hotel. Right, it had dirty sheets and no television. There was no toilet in the room and I had to walk the complete length of the hotel in the middle of the night to find one. The swimming pool was full of rotting leaves and very large spiders.
The people running the hotel were very bad mannered. They kept giving out and using some very bad words.
I hope you are sorry for giving such bad advice. I am certainly sorry that I took it.
Yours faithfully

Bored with Everyday life?

Why not come to planet Madzadola and take a fascinating ride in our hot air balloon?
Sit back and enjoy the magnificent view while or excellent hosts serve you pink champagne and duck delicacies.
You will sail through the silent blue sky while beneath you, the wonderful Zada ocean is swimming with exotic mammals. So come along and experience this “Once-in-a lifetime” opportunity.

By Ainé, Rachel and Maeve

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