Between March and June 2007, third to sixth class students from St Michael's and St Joseph's National Schools as well as the International students from the Convent School joined in a cultural diversity project called Living Together in Longford.
County Longford is an area rich in cultural diversity. One example is the number of families locating from Poland to County Longford, This project has explored and celebrated this vibrant interaction of cultures.
Facilitators, Chris Thompson and Aneta Cytacka, explored a variety of topics with the students. Together, the students have written stories and poems in English and Polish, tried shopping using the Zloty, shared food tasting, created new tourist brochures for Longford, and shared and compared family memories and celebrations.
We have all had a lot of fun, but equally importantly, we have shared languages and customs - we can sing "happy birthday" in a variety of languages - , shared stories from around the world and listened to each others' memories and wishes for the future.
We have ideas for future projects as well. Having made brochures to promote Longford it would be beneficial to create a welcome pack for children new to Longford and we all discovered we have more stories to share.
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The book of the project is available in Longford Library if you want to see more.