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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Two Local Studies Projects below

Local Studies Projects
Making best use of Library support and resources

Local Studies projects have much in common with the Intergenerational Projects and Cultural Diversity Projects even though the primary focus may be slightly different.
Such project can have a broad base involving:

  • local geography
  • local history
  • awareness of both the built and the natural enviroment
  • mythography (all the legends and stopries of the area)
The goals of a good local Sudies project also support:
  • Awareness and pride in the local area
  • Active and lively onnections between the groups within the community
  • Increased knowledge in the local area and its stories
  • Development of effective research skills
  • Full integration with the S.E.S.E. curriculum

So how to get started?

Local history is a central part of any Local Studies project and what we really need is an effective Time Machine.
Of course, as any science fiction addict would tell you, stepping back into the past is probably not a good idea.
It has appalling effects on your grammar for a start. Who knows what changes you might have will been causeing ?
What you will be said to your Grandmother next Thursday ago,might put you off being involved in a Local History Project at all.
No What you need is a time machine that can open a window on the past that you can look through.
Fortunately, every County has one, although the guardians of the many Time Machine Rooms, usually refer to them as local studies rooms.
They are usually part of, or close to, the County Library. In County Longford, where I mostly work, it is located over the top of Tesco!
Seriously, some of the material held in these Local Studies rooms SO good, it is very much like looking through a Time Machine window.
With the right approach, young people get VERY excited about encountering these materials.
So click on the links below to explore some of the materials you may find in your local Time Machine Room.

Take a look at the Explorers project and the My Place (Local Studies) Project.