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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Intergenerational Projects

There is something very special about intergenerational Projects. The older generation have such stories to tell and skills to pass on that may be seen of no significance to them but that are of huge interest to the younger participants. Try watching a group of eleven year old boys engaged in learning to darn a sock! Here are four sample intergenerational projects, each with a slightly different emphasis. All brought particpants from national schools, Active Age Groups, Day-care centres and Nursing homes together to explore, talk and to share skills and stories.

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I would particularly a look at recommend "Open the Door" or "My Place"
And all have something indifidual and special to offer.

Creating an Intergenerational play
for the Backstage theatre, Longford

A Longford project with lots of skills swapping

A Roscommon project focussed on Scribing

Stories and research in Ballymahon