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Supporting the SESE curriculum
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Two Local Studies Projects below

A Family Literacy Project
A Library / school / Community Resources sponsored project

The first stage of the Explorers project, took place in May and June, 2010, with 4th and 5th classes in St Joseph's and St Michael's national schools, Longford.
Explorers stage 1:
  • encouraged the young people, and their families to take a fresh look at the town where they live, taking a fresh look at details and features, all around the town,
  • encouraged awareness of tthe Local History Room at Library HQ.with opportunities, to explore some of the very special resources held there.
    The Local Studies room was introduced to teachers and children as the "Time Machine Room.
  • besides the school based workshop,each week, the children were given a "family challenge" to take home.
The Workshops:
The classes were encouraged to develop research skills by
  • exploring a variety of primary evidence from the "Time Machine" room, i.e. old nespapers, stories, maps
  • finding out how to come up with topics for research
  • developing awareness of how to find information and who to talk to
  • developing skills in designing and asking good questions
  • handling and trying out artifacts such as an old camera, watch, telephone, linen knickers, 1940's wedding dress, 1920's toy gramaphone etc.
  • creating their own hypothoses about how and why things were done
  • testing these theories against the available evidence
  • finding effective ways to respond to the research results, i.e. poetry, artwork, drama etc.
Explorer activities:
The classes
  • Went out and took photos around the town. They created a "how well do you know your town/" quiz using details from the photos
  • Created new poetry about the burning and restoration plans for St Mel's cathedral, Longford
  • Created a piece of drama for the launch of the St. Mel's exhibition
  • Became story collectors, asking friends and families for their first memories of Longford
  • Became local historians asking questions, and discovering details about buildiings and other features in the town
  • Collected information from friends and families about their "ideal Longford"
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My Mam would like a hospital but
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to find out about the Family Summer Challenge.

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