Chris and Aneta meyt with this group to explore books and stories. Firstly. though, Aneta gave us an introduction to Polish and we shared lots of new vocabulary. Because there were a number of Polish boys in these two classes the Irish boys, and thise of other nationalities had already learned to communicate together very well.
The boys from third and fourth class, with their teacher from St Michael's explored their favourite books together. Stanley was a favourite among the Polish and Irish boys although there were other shared favourites. You can see a few of their excellent illustrations on this page.

Later, we tried writing stories in Polish and English at the same time. Working in pairs, the boys picked a character, a location and an object from Chris' special story making kits. They found that as long as they had chosen the same ones that if they completed the story making sheeets in the kit, the two halves of the story would fit together, Some of the stories were very funny.

Click here to read a couple of our duel language stories.
If you would like to try this out for yourself, you can download the story kit here.