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Three Wishes

This was scribed in a school session. It was Jack's first try at scribing and his teacher was surprised at his use of vocabulary.

I found the lamp in the rain forest in Brazil. I am a doctor and I was flying off to get medicines and I was on my way to collect some medicines.
I landed in a small village. People came out and they had spears in their hands. They captured me and brought me to their leader. The leader had strange markings on his face. I felt like he was dressed for Halloween. They could speak twenty languages but only a bit of English. They tied me up against a pole. They wanted me to go on a quest to find a special lamp, lost in a ruined city.
They gave me a map. They asked me if I would go because they said that the ruined city had ghosts in it, but the ghosts wouldn't hurt someone from another country. I said that I would agree to it.
They led me to the ruined city. It had tall broken pillars broken down into tiny pieces of rubble. They told me that I would find the lamp somewhere inside the giant ruined pyramid.
I went inside the temple. It was covered in vines. I found loads of carvings showing ghosts attacking people. There were statues of enormous genie type of things. I walked towards one statue. I stepped on a brick in the ground. A piece of the floor slid away and I fell into a hidden chamber. It was very dark but each time I walked past a small round sphere, a light came on. Then I saw a dim light in the distance. I came up close and saw the ghost. It wasn't see-through and it had jewels, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, down it.
The ghost spoke. "Let me back into the lamp, and I will give you three wishes". The ghost said, "My lamp is hidden behind that stone."
The stone was huge.
"How am I going to move it"? I asked.
The ghost told me to push the wall. I pushed the wall, where the ghost genie told me to and the stone fell away. There was the gold teapot shaped lamp sitting on a carved rock in the shape of the genie. With a cry of happiness the genie disappeared back into the lamp.
Now I knew I couldn't bring the lamp back to the tribe. They would get the genie out again and I would loose my three wishes. So I made my first wish. I wished for a copy of the lamp. I took that copy back to the village and gave it o the leader of the tribe. They let me go and I took off quickly before they could find out.
But I still have two more wishes.

Author: Jack
Scribe: Chris