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The Time Machine

This story was scribed at home. After a introductory school peer-group scribing session, on robots, Carl went home and asked his mother to scribe for him.

There was once an inventor named Austin Speedo, who loved nothing more than to spend time in his laboratory. He thought to himself that if he had robots to help him, his lab would never be untidy again.
He invented some robots and then fell asleep at his desk in his laboratory. While he was sleeping he dreamed of all the exciting things his robots would do. His excitement caused him to jump, knocking over the blue chemical that was under his desk, beside his foot.
The liquid cooled and seeped into the foot of the robot that was standing next to the door. He had named the robot, "Samson" because he was the biggest and the strongest of the three.
Samson's eyes opened. He walked over to the computer and switched it on. He pressed some keys and turned the other robots bad. The three robots left the lab and started to walk down the road, knocking down everything in their way. They destroyed shops, cars, traffic lights and trampled on people. They went into the forest and destroyed trees and plants, leaving the animals homeless.
When Austin woke up, he realised what had happened. He turned his television and saw his robots on the news. He knew he had to do something and there was only one thing to do. He decided to invent a time machine. If he could alter the time line, turn the clock back 48 hours, he could undo the damage and the world would be safe.
He set to work, and after ten hours he had his machine ready. He set a scan to attract the robots back to the lab. Once they were safely back, he turned on the machine and went back two days.
It worked and Austin had learned a very important lesson. Just because he could invent something, didn't mean that he should.

Author: Carl (8 years)
Scribed by mother