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Mirror, Mirror

John painted all kinds of pictures. Best, he liked to paint pictures on mirrors. He made pretty mirrors. He painted trees and flowers and foxes.
People liked his mirrors. He was a good artist.
One day, he went to the mirror. He was painting. He was going to paint a hedgehog. The mirror went all white. He thought the mirror was dirty so he tried to clean it with a wipe. When he was cleaning it, his hand went through. He thought, "What happened?" He took his hand out and then put both of his hands through. Then he put his whole body through.
He was in a jungle. It had lots of animals and trees. The trees had green leaves. John was looking all around. He walked around the jungle. He met lots of animals, especially lots of hedgehogs. The hedgehogs had spiky bodies. John was there a long time and he got very hungry.
He could see the back of the mirror just hanging in the air. It looked all brown and rough. He pushed the back of the mirror and he went through again.
He felt happy. It was a real adventure. It helped him to paint animals better.

Author: Deimante (age 7)
Scribe: Chris