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The Dragon

The dragon was standing still. She was about to hunt for food. She was an angry dragon. She was big and spiky with a really long tail and colourful kind of triangle wings. Her toes were sharp.
Dragon lived in a hole. It was really colourful but dark with funny shaped blue mists. She had treasure, loads of money, silver, gold and jewels.
In the back of the hole were thirteen baby dragons in a nest of sticks. They were scaly and shiny. They were just ready to run around and they were hungry.
Dragon knew what to do. Dragon was angry because she and her babies were hungry. The farmer had taken all her chickens away. Today she was going to get them back.
She flew off like an aeroplane. She looked as big as the school. She flew to the farm. She caught the chickens. The farmer was frightened. He was hiding in the house. He had never seen a dragon before. She carried the chickens back to her babies.
She wasn't angry anymore.

Author: Keith, age six years, five months.
Scribe: Teacher